VIP Day FB Ads Setup

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Get your FB Ads up and running in less than 3 days 😱

Picture this: a full day in Jess’ calendar dedicated solely to your business.

She’ll dive deep, developing your FB Ads funnel strategy, setting up campaigns, and creating tailored audiences in Ads Manager.

With this service, you’ll save time, bid farewell to wasted ad spend, and gain the confidence that your ads are correctly set up.

Once the setup is complete, you’ll be ready to hit publish and watch those leads and sales roll in!

The Ultimate Stress-Busting Solution

VIP Days are perfect for any business owner serious about mastering their Facebook Ads campaigns, but particularly those who want to:

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The best part about this service? I hold your hand along the way so after working together, you leave with the skills to create and manage your future ads.

What's included?​

You’ll walk away with confidence in creating and managing your own strategy and funnels for FB Ads

Starting from

AUD $ 1,199
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The Process

A streamlined process that ensures your VIP Day receives red carpet treatment from start to finish.
  • Step 1

    You will be sent a questionnaire a week before your VIP day to ensure we have a great understanding of your business, products or service

  • Step 2

    We will then get on a 40 minute Zoom call so we can discuss your strategy and so we can walk you through how to add us to your FB Ads Manager account for setup

  • Step 3

    We will then start creating your strategy, writing your copy and put it into a document for you to approve before we implement in Ads Manager

  • Step 4

    Once approval has been provided, we will then create your campaigns in Ads Manager and send your preview links of how the ads will display on each platform and placement

  • Step 5

    In 2 weeks time, we will then follow up with a Zoom coaching session to walk you through how your ads are performing and recommendations on moving forward for you to implement

  • Step 6

    In 4 weeks time since the start of your ads, we will get on our last coaching session to dive deep into the analytics and show you how to create future campaigns for your business

Ready to scale your business through Facebook Ads?

Save time and feel confident in knowing a full funnel strategy has been created for you.

Client Results

Our VIP days have helped our clients excel in their advertising campaigns, build more confidence in the ads platform and increase their leads & sales.

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