VIP Day FB Ads Setup

Get your Facebook Ads up and running in less than 3 days.

Let me guess.... You know what a marketing funnel is and you know that you need one... but you don't know how to use FB Ads Manager, or you're just too busy to set it up.  

I've got you!

Our done for you FB Ads Setup is a full day in Jess' calendar where she focuses ALL of her attention on your business to develop your FB Ads funnel strategy, setup your campaigns and also create all of your audiences in Ads Manager.

This means that you save time, stop wasting your money on Ads that don't work and you can feel confident knowing that your ads are setup correctly and are ready to press publish so you can start generating leads and sales for your business.

The best part about this service? I hold your hand along the way so after working together, you leave with the skills to create and manage your future ads.

What's included?

Full funnel – We’ll create a full FB Ads funnel strategy including Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel and Bottom of Funnel.

FB Setup – This is where we’ll ensure that your FB Business Settings is setup correctly to run ads.

Audience Setup - Creation of all custom, lookalike and interest audiences.

Catalog Setup - Setup of catalog categories (if E-commerce

Copywriting for Ads – A variety of effective ad copy to build trust and drive more sales.

Training session - x1 60 minute FB Ads training session to teach you how to use Ads Manager and create successful campaigns.

Follow Up Training sessions - x1 45 minute coaching sessions to help you understand the performance of your campaigns and setting up future campaigns.

Email Access - 1 month email access to ask any questions during this time.

Who is this for?

You don’t have the time to figure out Facebook ads on your own, and you want to learn from an expert – so you get it right, the first time.

You’ve set up your ads the way YouTube told you to, but they just aren’t converting.

You don’t know your way around Ads Manager – and they keep changing it!

You have an agency and want to add FB Ads to your service menu.

Your ads have been performing OK, but now you’re really ready to scale your business.

You want a clear strategy, a step-by-step method for creating ads that convert, and a recording with accompanying notes that you can refer back to later.

1. You will be sent a questionnaire a week before your VIP day to ensure we have a great understanding of your business, products or service. 

2. We will then get on a 40 minute Zoom call so we can discuss your strategy and so we can walk you through how to add us to your FB Ads Manager account for setup.

3. We will then start creating your strategy, writing your copy and put it into a document for you to approve before we implement in Ads Manager. 

4. Once approval has been provided, we will then create your campaigns in Ads Manager and send your preview links of how the ads will display on each platform and placement.

5. In 2 weeks time, we will then follow up with a Zoom coaching session to walk you through how your ads are performing and recommendations on moving forward for you to implement. 

6.  In 4 weeks time since the start of your ads, we will get on our last coaching session to dive deep into the analytics and show you how to create future campaigns for your business. 

The Process

Implementation of full funnel strategy 

Zoom recording & PDF presentation sent after each session.

1 month email access to me for any questions

FREE templates to plan out your campaigns.

Done for you FB Ads


Confidence in creating and managing your own strategy and funnels  for FB Ads. 

you'll walk away with:


an investment of:

Ready to scale your business through Facebook Ads?