Done for you captions

Do you stumble when it comes to creating captions? We've got you!

You understand the importance of social media, but you feel overwhelmed by the thought of creating eye-catching, engaging content week after week?

What if you could focus on the core of your business and you never have to worry about creating captions again.

That’s where we come in.

Our ‘Ready to Post’ captions is a service for brands who still want to manage their own platforms, but would really love someone else to provide the content.

If you have images to make your grid look good but don’t have the time to create scroll stopping captions - We can help.

You can either provide your own photos or get us to organise photography for you (additional cost). We will also create posts with interest in our graphic design software and we’ll write engaging captions that will connect with your audience.

Consistency, or a lack thereof, is the number one reason most business owners give up on their social media accounts. With our ready to post content package, you won’t ever have to stress over which your or you’re to use, or where you’ll find the time to create content.

This service incudes:

✔ 16 posts delivered to you monthly.

✔ A combination of content tailored to the goals of your business and your brand personality including 3 posts in carousel format.

✔ Content Creation through our graphic design software.

✔ Engaging captions with strong call to actions.

Additional Extras:

✔ If you have a preferred scheduling tool and you’re low on time, we can schedule posts for you (If you don’t have a scheduling tool but you want one, we highly recommend Planoly).

FREEBIES! (valued at a total of $139.50)!

ALL three month packages include:

✔ A FREE 30 minute coaching session based around building brand awareness and creating strong relationships with your audience.

✔ A FREE Hashtag Strategy 

Who is this for?

Not being able to focus on the core of your business?

are you sick of...

You just don't have the time to create your captions?

do you feel...

To free up your time so you can focus on what you love?

do you want...

1. We schedule a phone meeting to discuss your business, the industry you work with and if we are the right fit to help meet your digital marketing goals.

2. If you think we’re a good fit, we’ll create a file for you to share your images (and if you’d like us to arrange photography, this is when that happen).

3. We get to work! After we’ve reviewed our call notes and have done a little research of our own, we’ll start writing your captions and creating visuals.

4. Content is sent through for you to publish as you please.

5. Content is sent to you every 30 days, to post as you wish. 

The Process

An investment of $599 per month

(Please note, that spaces are limited for this service. Packages can be customised).

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your captions?

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